Stages sometimes triggers twice on downward slopes

I’ve found that, when segments 4 or 5 are being fed a downward ramp into their gate input, they will sometimes trigger twice. Easiest way to reproduce this:

  • Set segment 1 to an LFO with shape all the way CCW (downward ramp) and frequency a bit below half.
  • Patch segment 1 into the gate of segment 4 (or 5)
  • Set segment 4’s (or 5’s) type to ramp with time set to 0 or a little higher (this just makes it clear what’s going on; it happens with basically any segment type)
  • Patch a dummy cable in the gate of segment 5 (or 6) (this also isn’t necessary, just removes some factors) so that segment 4 or 5 is now a decay envelope with decay time of 0

Segment 4 (or 5) will sometimes trigger twice for a single peak of the LFO. I’ve reproduced this on both of my Stages and I’ve reproduced it on firmware 1.1, the latest sequencer firmware, as well as my own firmware. As far as I can tell, it only happens on segments 4 and 5. The only times I’ve suspected it happening on others I wasn’t paying attention and could totally have been imagining things.

The amount that it happens varies considerably. Sometimes it will be almost 50% of the time, other times it will be more like 10% of the time. If the downward slope on the gate signal is sufficiently steep, it doesn’t happen (the threshold seems to be about half way on a linear decay envelope). I’ve encountered it “in the wild” most frequently while triggering things off particular segments in a group.

Has anyone else seen this? What could be going on here?

Here’s a video of it happening:

The input circuitry for the GATE inputs doesn’t have hysteresis (these are not Schmitt triggers), so if the signal is noisy and spends too much time in the vicinity of the threshold, double triggering could occur.

Why this occurs specifically on channel 4 or 5 might be due to differences in PCB routing, making these channels more prone to picking up noise.

I’ll try reproducing it!

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