Stages: slider LED problem

I was trying out some slider caps on my sliders and in pulling one off pulled the led out with it while the module was on. Popped the led back in place (correct orientation) and now that slider’s led doesn’t light. I tried swapping the led with its’ neighbor and that led didn’t work with the “blown” slider either, though the working neighbor slider lit up just fine with either led.

The slider still functions, it just won’t spit any light out. Wondering if my next step should be to just replace the slider or if perhaps there is a resistor or something associated with the led that I should be checking (seems unlikely but thought I’d ask). A quick look at the board and didn’t reveal anything obvious. Slider is 2nd from right (5th). Thanks!

Are you 100% sure of the LED orientation?

Not all sliders in Stages have the same orientation!

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Yes, thank you! Switched the led orientation and working like normal. An led in my brain should’ve lit up when I looked at the back of the board and failed to consider that the sliders weren’t all going in the same direction :roll_eyes: