Stages: qiemem firmware doesnt update

Hello everyone!

A friend and I wanted to update the @qiemem firmware on each of our stages.
We did it on the phone, at the same time, with the exact same procedure.
Mine got updated (and its a wonder thank you), but not my friend’s.
Everything works until the stages reboots: after update procedure and reboot, everything seems fine but when trying to access differents modes by 5 sec pressing one of the 6 buttons nothing happens. Any idea? He’s sad and I feel guilty mine is working perfectly.
Thank you in advance!

Should I precise that he has updated it from various sources, with differents gains etc., and he has bought it brand new last year.

I had to try a few times. Going straight fro phone or laptop didn’t have enough gain so i had to amplify the signal. I used MI Ears by you could use anything with clean gain.

He did that, the leds showing how much gain there was were around 3/4 leds

Hmm, that should be a perfect amount of gain. Just to be sure, what wav file was he using? Did the process complete or did it start blinking red at some point?

Yes it was not the right wav file! Thank you and have a nice day !