Stages Panel Source File Error?

I recently got a stages and I love the thing. However, I am the sort of fool who can’t tolerate things that aren’t black for very long, so I’m looking into an alternate front panel (as lovely as the stock panel designs are :hearts::black_heart:). In this pursuit, I noticed the files for the panel design on github shows the holes for the LEDs above the buttons being the same size as the holes for the two screws, however that’s very much not the case with my stages and every photo of stages I’ve seen; the screw holes are larger.

Is this an error in the open source files? Or are the holes for the countersunk screws made with a different process than the rest of the panel’s holes, and thus not meant to be captured in the files hosted in the eurorack repository?


In the ‘Stages’ model, under the front two screws are stand-offs with M3 threads. Any M3 machine screw will do - but no longer than 6mm.

Buy black-colored screws for best effect. These can be head-type of: counter-sunk, or button-head, or Cap-screw (hex).

For my black-panel conversion I just used black M3 6mm counter-sunk, and done.