Stages Looping Red Segment Bug?

On Stages I have set up four segments with a gate patched at the first green segment like in the picture below. The four segments are set up as green, looping red (single segment looping), green, and orange.

My understanding from reading the manual’s segment rules is that the behavior would be that it rises to the level set by the second segment (looping red), stay at the red segment while the gate is held high, then when gate goes low it would proceed to the remaining segments.

However, the result I get from this is that the looping red segment has the exact same behavior as if it were to be an orange segment - with the only difference being that the looping red segment’s potentiometer has no effect on anything. I notice that this only happens when the last step is orange. It works as expected if the last step is red or green.

I’m on the factory firmware. Is this a bug, or am I just overlooking something in the segment rules?

This is the intended behavior, and is indeed a corner case in which the segment rules are not consistent. The two rules in question are:
A. The condition to exit a looping red segment is for the gate to fall.
B. The condition to enter an orange segment is for the gate to rise from the previous halting point.

In your particular example, if the gate falls while segment 2 is active and we follow rule A, we’ll reach segment 3, traverse it for the duration set to the slider, then reach segment 4. Which means we would have entered segment 4 in contradiction of rule B!

The actual implementation of orange segments gives precedence to rule B, ie, when a chain has orange segments, it can only sense rising edges.

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Ah ok, thank you for that clarification!

I was trying out a few other combinations, and noticed that the looping red segment ‘sustain’ also doesn’t work if there is any orange segment before it in the chain.

In another chain I tried, I have 4 segments - orange, green, looping red, and green. In this case it also stops at the looping red segment and stays there until it receives an additional gate - even though the last segment in the chain is a green falling ramp and ending the chain.

So then any chain that has a looping red segment with an orange segment either before or after makes the looping red essentially just an orange segment with a potentiometer than doesn’t affect anything? If so, then I guess a looping red segment only has a purpose in a chain with no orange segments, or is there some use case I’m not thinking about?

Probably yes.

More formally, the presence of a STEP segment (orange) in a chain strips any red segment of its ability to detect a falling edge, to prevent the possibility of the conflict mentioned above:


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Ah ok, I appreciate the further clarification. Thanks Emilie!