Stages - legato

Is it possible to prevent retrigger of a Stages envelope while sustain is still on ?

No, and here’s why: for sustain to be on, the input signal must be at a high level. When a new note is played, the gate will go low and then high again, and upon receiving this information, Stages will exit the sustain stage and play the release. So basically the situation you describe never happens.

I don’t know what you are trying to achieve, but I believe this is more a MIDI interface setting (do not retrigger the gate when notes are overlapping?) than something that has to do with Stages.

Yes, so do i think it’s controller or midi interface matter.
I’m trying to find a way to emulate this old keyboard behaviour (eg model D.) As my own controller doesn’t seem to offer this possibility i wondered if there were a possible modular trick.

I have an idea, but it might not solve your problem…

You can use two segments of Stages (Hold, looping) and Ramp to make an SR envelope with a short, but not null release time. Use this envelope to process the Gate signal, and use the resulting signal to trigger your ADSR.

What will this do… if you play two notes with a big pause between them, you’ll get two distinct gates, and your ADSR will trigger twice. If you play two notes without a big pause between them, this will “fill the gap” between them and the ADSR will only see a single gate.

Basically use an envelope to fill the gaps between the gates… and use the resulting signal in the gate input of another envelope.