Stages - issue with channel 2

I have troubles with my STAGES.
The step 2 ( second from left to right) is doing some strange things.
For example, if i use stages like 6 step sequencer, with every fader to the minimum, the cv of the step 2 is different than the other 0V cv. he is higher.
But if i put every fader to the maximum, the note of the step 2 is lower than others.
any ideas?

This looks like a calibration issue at the factory. Is the module new? Has it always done that?

i don’t think so. it’s maybe look like fader problem
When i just put this step in Offset (orange) it do like strange “wobble” when i touch the fader

Contact me on the Mutable Instruments website, I’ll explain you how to return the module and have the fader fixed.