Stages Gated Slew Effect?

Now, everyone is, I’m sure, aware that Stages is a ridiculously flexible module, so I’m wondering if anyone knows if it’s possible to create a gated slew effect with it.

I can’t see any immediately obvious way to do it, but with some clever patching, maybe it’s possible…


…or to continously control the amount of slew with a CV.

It’s not possible I’m afraid.

What is a gated slew effect exactly? How it differs from normal slew/portamento?

It can be turned on/off by a gate signal (for example to make acid-style slides on only certain notes of a sequence).

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@joeSeggiola What @pichenettes said :slight_smile:

Good to know it wasn’t just my lack of patching imagination, then :wink:

Here’s an idea, if you mean to apply the slew effect to an external sequence. You’ll need to use two channels on Stages, both set to “hold” mode (yellow):

  • Mult your sequence into the level inputs of both channels.
  • Adjust the shape control of one of the channels to set your slew amount (leave the other at zero).
  • Patch a trigger signal to gate input of the first of these channels. This will now toggle between the unaltered input sequence and the slewed version.

As you can see, it’s not gated but toggled (it takes one trigger to turn on slew and another to turn it off). However, if you want, you could use some of the remaining four Stages channels to produce a second delayed trigger to turn the slew back off for each “on”-trigger.

Edit: It just occured to me that you don’t even need the first channel, just set the slew amount directly on one of the sequence stages. Updated my description above.


That’s a neat idea!


That’s very cool @Knettgummi ! Will try that, when I get home. “Toggled slew” would work well, I think.

Thank you!

Incidentally, I just remembered I have a Falafular slew module that can do either gated or toggled slew (switchable).

It’s been gathering dust in a box for a couple of years.

If that’s not a sign you need to stop building and start using modules, I don’t know what is! :smile:

When Stages came out, I knew the day would come where someone made something with the module that you didn’t already think of / intend. Very cool to see. :slight_smile:


Oy, stop needling me… :wink:

Thats a very cool patch! With some external patching, you could derive a second “off” trigger from the falling edge of a gate so you could have a gated slew effect.

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