Stages' GATE input threshold

I have a quick question regarding Stages: what kind of signals are considered as gates on the inputs?

The GATE inputs compare the signal to a threshold: under 1.4V and it’s OFF, above 1.4V and it’s ON. There is no hysteresis. You don’t necessarily have to send a digital (on/off) signal, the only caveat is that if the signal has a bit of noise and will exhibit fluctuations around 1.4V, there can be spurious multiple triggering.

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So if I understand this correctly, with a mixer, an inverter and an offset for the 1.4V, you could use a looping gate segment as a comparator?

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I’m not sure what the inverter would be for, but if you can offset positively the signal by 1.4V, you can indeed get a 8V output whenever the input signal is above 0V (=1.4V at Stages’ input), and 0V when it’s under 0V (=1.4V at Stages’ input).

Also, at the risk of repeating myself, this will be a naive comparator without hysteresis. Fluctuations around the threshold will cause multiple state changes.

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Sure, I’m just exploring what’s possible with this incredible module.
The inverter would be to subtract a possible second signal, that way by testing A-B>0 I would be testing A>B.
Maybe the 1.4V threshold could even be desirable to limit the influence of noise in the testing? If lowered a bit using an offest?

Ah, I see! The three channels of Shades could be used for this: A in the first channel, B in the second channel (inverted with the attenuverter), and the offset dialled in with the third channel.

Amazing! And good thing I have a Shades too!
I keep asking myself if I can emulate other modules with Stages, often I can, for some others at first I think I can’t, and then after marinating for a while and digging a little, I discover I could all along!