Stages ASR Question

Hello all! I have a question when running Stages in ASR mode. I was delighted to find out that you can change the sustain amplitude by patching in a CV value, such as X from Marbles. However, it seems like Stages requires 8v as I‘m not able to get the full range. Can anybody confirm that this is correct, and share a tip how to amplify the signal to get from 5v to 8v?

The sustain amplitude will be exactly the input CV.

If your CV is 4V, the sustain stage will be 4V (+/- a few mV from the converter’s inaccuracies).

The slider goes from 0V to +8V, but if the module Stages is controlling is happy with a narrower range, you don’t necessarily have to boost your CV.

Which other modules do you have in your system which could handle the amplification? Do you have Veils for example?

Thank you for the quick reply! FYI, I use the Stages ASR to control the VCA of Plaits. And yes, I also have Veils in my rack :blush:

Some things you can try:

  1. Use a channel of Veils with the gain set to the maximum to amplify the CV from Marbles before it gets patched into Stages.
  2. Use a channel of Veils to amplify the envelope generated by Stages before it reaches Plaits.
  3. Don’t use Plaits’ internal VCA at all and use a channel from Veils as your VCA.
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