Stages as autonomous delayLFO


Hi, I’m a new user of Stages since a few weeks and I’m delighted with its possibilites.

There’s one thing I used to do with my Doepfer VCDLFO (an A-147-2), but I don’t find a way to do it with Stages alone :

For a delayed vibrato for instance, I used to trig the A-147-2 delay at my keypresses, that gradually opened its LFO after a few seconds.

Now I found a basic way with Stages, with two sections (1 LFO and 1 envelope), the envelope keying an external VCA (Veils)

Does anyone know a way to delay a Stages LFO internally, with no need for a VCA ?


Use a group of 3 segments: HOLD RAMP HOLD.

First hold segment: LEVEL (slider) = 0 ; TIME = whatever delay you want before the LFO starts kicking into action.
Ramp segment: TIME (slider) = whatever attack time you want for the LFO ; SHAPE = whatever envelope shape you want for the attack.
Second hold segment: LEVEL (slider) = 0 ; TIME = maximum.

Then use another independent segment as the LFO. Patch the LFO output into the CV input of the hold segment.

How does it work? The gate/trigger signal initiates the following sequence: we stay at an initial value of 0V for a while (as decided by the pot of the first HOLD segment), then we fade (duration set by the slider of the RAMP segment) to the voltage of the second HOLD segment, and we stay there for a long time. This segment’s voltage is being modulated by the LFO.


You’re such a robot, thanks so much. There’s nothing more I could ask for.
… Or maybe indulgence for I didn’t surf the forum too much lately. Thanks Emilie, deep respect for your sharings.
I’ll just now need more free time for testing it soon when I’m back home.


Silly question by the way but I dare : the usual vibrato effect I’m trying to mimic is more expanding above and below the neutral pitch value. This tip helps me have a modulation, but always above it. Is there a way possible, still only with stages ?


No because Stages’ LFOs are always unipolar. Patch Stages’ LFO output to Shades or Blinds (or Maths or any offset module) before routing it back to the HOLD stage.


ok Thanks !