Stages as a Clock Divider/Mult and Subharmonic Division

Hi all, can Stages Div/Mult Clock per Stage? And can the same be used to
divide Audio Subharmonics a la Moog DFAM SubHarmonicon?


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Yes, you can use the clocked LFO feature to obtain a sawtooth LFO at /4, /3, /2, x1, x2, x3, x4 the original rate (only these dividers, though). The sawtooth has a hard edge which will perfectly trigger most modules!

There’s a caveat: trigger/gate inputs are sampled at 32kHz without any decimation, so there might be some aliasing added to your input signal. But you can give it a try!

Thank You. I tried on VCV Rack and it does perfect SubHarmonic Divisions,
very clean and musical, i love it, that was the last straw to pull one.

The cool thing is that you can select their waveform with the little SHAPE knob, so you’re not limited to square subharmonics as can be obtained with classic counter/divider modules.

Yes, i was playing with that too now, it can do amazing things.

How do i do that ? Tryed now but do you have some pic how all the controllers ar set and patch cables inserted ? What to clock it from keystep pro ”clock out” and divide stages from there :slight_smile: