Stages alt mode idea

I was thinking about a possible alternative mode for Stages this morning, a shower thought if you will. Just throwing it out there in the aether incase someone like @qiemem might be interested in coding it :wink:.

Each output is a function of all six cv inputs depending on which mode/color it is in. The slider offsets the output, the knob attenuverts, the gate mutes the input.

The mode buttons could choose between several different functions of the six inputs. Some ideas I was thinking of were (minimum, harmonic mean, geometric mean, arithmetic mean, maximum) or maybe localized functions so means, min, etc. of just the corresponding input and its two nearest neighbors, maybe the ends could wrap around.

Anyways, just some thoughts. I mainly use each stage as an independent utility and was thinking about how they could be combined together other then the usual sequencer or envelope ways.

I took another shower…

It could be called the ‘statistics mode’, and some other functions could be RMS, standard deviation and any other statistical functions.

The inputs could normal to six independent internally generated smooth random sources.

There could also be a meta option to switch the interpretation of the inputs between six scalars, three 2D vectors, or two 3D vectors.

Again, just throwing this out in the aether, I unfortunately don’t have the time or will at the moment to learn how to code and do it myself :weary: