Stack & Case Design

It would be great if it were easier to swap out the filter boards, either in/out of Shruthis or Sidekicks. So I’m just throwing this out there for consideration. Those of you who have been in the DIY world for a long time may know of parts readily available that might get the job done.

What I was thinking is to marry a filter board to a case bottom. Keep them together no matter where they go. I realize this might break the color scheme sometimes, but I think it would be worth it in terms of convenience and productivity. Somehow we need to redesign the stack and the case so that the bottom half comes off neatly without disturbing the rest of the case or the stack.

Something that snaps on/off would be ideal, but at the very least if we could design it so that the removal of 4 screws would have the filter/case bottom assembly off and ready to attach to something else, that would be a big improvement IMO. Maybe the slotted screws could be replaced with thumb screws so no tools are required?

Well, anyway, I was thinking about this. This is not meant to in any way insult or demean the hard work that went into the current stack/case designs. I am just suggesting a tweak or an upgrade, perhaps…


Lego it, and cut a hole for the live connection? That might be cool…

Hehe, thinking of it yesterday, while completely disassembling two Shruti’s only to install rubber legs
All I came up with is using 5 mm spacers like this

at the bottom of filterboard instead of nuts. But there’s still 8 screws and two audio jack nuts to unscrew. And the case height should be increased.

Also thinking about 1mm alluminum sheet case.

Only 2 parts and 8 screws.

That’s clean!

i’m waiting when my friend will install CNC milling machine to test this design. All i need is press brake!

Nice! The key to getting it to fit together properly would be to get the radius of the curve where the corners are bent so it exactly matches the rounded corner on the other panel. Dunno how easy that would be to do…

I can imagine this looking great coated with the textured matte paint Waldorf used for the Pulse.


I think it’s quite easy - bend the test sheet, measure the corner radius, and then use this radius in cutting template.
i’ve found very good bending tutorial here (hope there’s no need to cut the groove in case of 1 mm sheet)

Just build them all into a big case and use patch leads to connect the audio in to the board of your choice :slight_smile:

Or a rotary chicken head knob!

What about magnets? I wonder if magnets on the spacers plus the interlocking case would be sturdy enough? It would be cool to just pull off one filter and snap on another with no screws and no tools!

I love chicken heads idea!