ST Linkv-2 interface error

I am trying to flash a Plaits module using a STLink v-2 in a Vagrant VM. I entered “export PGM_INTERFACE=STlinkv-2” and “export PGM_INTERFACE_TYPE=hla”. I created the files for Plaits and used “$ make -f plaits/makefile upload” and I get the following error message:
“embedded:startup.tcl.60: Error: can’t find interface/stlinkv-2”
I used $ls usb to check if the computer is recognizing the STLink and it appears to be doing so.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hi @najee.

Is this a DIY build?

If so, you should post elsewhere. This is a support forum for factory-built Mutable Instruments modules only.

Try Muffwigglers.

No reason not to answer the simple issue here, the variable value is incorrect and should be stlink-v2