SSM2164 For 4-Pole Misison

I am going to do an order with Small Bear. Does anyone´want some and we can bring the price down a bit? Let me know, I’ll place an order at the end of the week…

If you’re in the UK, I’m definitely in for four!

I’m in Germany, but I guess postage to the UK won’t be so much…

Hey I’m going to order at least one from Mammoth Electronics in the States, the website says the postage is $1 if I remember right. I think the postage from Germany to the UK might be more than this!
I could order some more?

Cant remember how to hotlink.
Postage is by USPS 1st Class International for $1.04! That’s actually cheaper than the UK post by a few pence!
So I suggest just ordering what you want for yourself. These are $2.80 each which isn’t bad.

Thanks for that bit of insight, Dunk. @supercollider, it does then sound like it doesn’t make sense for me to join in. Thanks for the offer though.

No, I agree, I think I’ll get them from Mammoth as well. Cheaper and the postage to Germany is only $3… Good heads up Dunk

Cool, glad to be of help!

My order turned up today all the way the good 'ol US of A. Ordered on the 18th came on the 30th. What is amazing is that the postage was less than a UK 2nd class stamp.

Great news - I should be expecting mine soon then!

Ouch. I have to pay £4 customs duty plus £8 handling charge to Royal Mail. Should have just ordered more to justify the handling charge!

Royal Mail are a rip off. I ordered one chip and didn’t get charged anything.

I have no problem with the duty, and paying a percentage on top for handling the transaction. But two hundred percent service fee seems a bit steep.

Bummer, I order a lot of bits from abroad, from bags of parts to tablet PCs and so far I have been asked to pay tax once, and that was on a big box of capacitors. That was about 3 pounds. I feel a bit bad now as I Didnt get charged. The fee sounds very high as the chips are very cheap. I don’t Think its very fair.

At least they made the rules clear: it’s VAT only on packages with a value between GBP15 and GBP130. After that you pay import duty as well. So it’s possible to hit the under-15 sweet spot with a Mammoth order, but for a supplier who charges massive shipping fees that would not make sense.

@UK residents -Consider yourselves lucky, if I order for more than 80DKK (The local equivalent to around 8£) I WILL get hit with 15£s worth of “import fee” +some percentage of whatever my order(including shipping) was worth… :frowning:

Sooner or later it’s cheaper to buy a flight chair and then splurge in the US and bring all your new shit as carry-on luggage. I don’t know why they keep up this facade of extorting fees and customs from private citizens for small amounts. Guess it’s politics?

Case in point: Get an Oppo BDP93 or 103 these days in the US for 499USD plus some electronics. Your flight chair at around 450€ is almost paid for considering the rip off price we pay in Europe. Get a 100€ mod chip from that company in Denmark and the little thing plays most any disc irregardless of stupid movie studio schemes. Slap a Mac mini in your luggage and it’s paid for.

Don’t the stupid ppl in charge know that people see through this? These days the switched PSUs are world capable and the HD resolution etc is the same no matter where you go.

i’m really sick of this shit. there are just a few parts never available in europe except for high handling fees at Farnell (20€ no matter if just 1 IC or 1000) or the above mentioned VAT / import taxes and / or high UPS charges. Parts such as SSM2164, Shruthi button caps, ATmega328PU and some others fall into this category.
i’m thinking about buying a larger number of those and a few more soon to have them available as individual parts (if you just need one) right here.
does anyone think that is a good idea?

Yes, the Shruthi button caps are THE most annoying part to find… :slight_smile:
But the ATmega:s? They are available from quite a few places here in EU I think…

Use the ALPS button caps at Farnell, they’re not shiny but they’re the same size as the usual ones.

I got my ATmega328s on ebay.