Ssm2164 aka v2164 availability in europe

I’d like to build ssm2044 filterboard. I have some problem on availability of ssm2164//v2164 quad VCA in europe.
do you know where to buy?
Thanks in advance,

The only place where I find them is Small Bear in the US. The 2164 might be produced again by AD in 2013.

Yes, Small Bear has lowest price, 2x cheaper than ebay.

Thanks, I wouldn’t buy it overseas but I listen to you.

Hey there,
I’ve found them in Poland.

they cost about 16,5 euro a piece. shipping costs 6 euro.
I’m probably ordering there, so we could share some costs

I ordered V2164 from Mammoth Electronics

400-1034 Coolaudio V2164D (IC) 2 $2.80 $5.60

Subtotal: $5.60
Tax: $0.00
Shipping Cost: $1.04
Grand Total: $6.64

to the UK, arrived within 12 days , just before Christmas, so at peak time

haha :slight_smile:
That’s nice :slight_smile: Just found out that if I order 10 pieces they cost 10,5 euro a piece. Still a lot higher that the V2164D.

Are there any noticable diferences between these two chips?

No, this is exactly the same thing. SSM2164 are sold with the “OMG it’s obsolete get it now while it lasts!” tag, and hence is more expensive.

  • the cool audio have a cool note symbol on it while the SSM ones only have a trinagleInAsquare Logo :wink:

haha ok the symbol convinced me! :smiley:

by the way, from where did you get caps, and switches?
I’m considering taking it from

Its really weird that they dont have a dealer in Eu. Coolaudio is a part of Behringer and the rumor is (from ppl that dealt with CA personally) is that they dont want those parts being used in competitors products, hence limited availability. Also surprised that more of their chips are not in more DIY projects, they have all sorts of clones of old chips (MN3207 BBDs for instance)

there has been a huge discussion about this on this roundabout subject on sdiy.

Try the Big R

@ronski that’s where i got my first switches too ( the caps however won’t fit on MI designs, they’re not tall enough and too broad for fcd72’s standard cases.
about V2164D, they’re available now. i have them here. i couldn’t withstand the nice note symbol, hehe. they won’t be bulk order price but also not black market, i haven’t done exact calculation yet and haven’t set up anything official. so if anyone needs some (or only one, no problem) pm me and we figure it out.

Anybody has experience with building the xoxbox kits from Looks quite tempting…

Their PCBs are very high quality and easy to solder on. Happy customer, no I haven’t bought an entire kit from them. Yet.

@rosch so where did you get your caps? I just ordered them, didn’t see your comment earlier.
Thinking of cancelling the caps than…

the x0xb0x caps i usually buy from x0xsh0p too. i got my Shruthi caps directly from digi-key when another forum member offered to combine some orders to share shipping cost.
the round caps are from digi-key too and i think i have about 150 of each, red and black, since they are my first choice when i drill my own holes (don’t work with the standard Shruthi board because the lcd is too high)