Anyone have any experience with this supplier?
I’m looking for a SSM2044

Thanks in advance!

My advice is stay away from hkutsource. I ordered a bunch of SSM2164’s from them. Every one was a fake. They did refund my money though. Still, I’d steer clear.

ok let me try mine, i bought SSM2044 from there too. still not tested and i might have missed my chance to return them already

I got mine from this seller, works perfectly:

thanks! very expensive these little guys…I have a bit of time while I order all the parts, so I will wait for rosch and see where its a fake or not…save a few bucks :slight_smile:
Standing by rosch! (hope it works out for you)

i still haven’t checked but i promise you know until tomorrow morning

No rush! I just hope you didn’t get taken!
Let us know how you make out!
Good luck!

Hi I also got a SSM2044 from Vila_restor (same vendor as @6581punk) on ebay, finished to assemble the SSM filter this Saturday, and it seems to be working well.
I’m new to this DIY so I was a bit scared by all the fake ICs report, if I plug the SSM2044 on the filter board and I hear a sound when playing the Shruthi, is it proof enough my SSM2044 is ok?

No, you need to hear the sound then go and crank the resonance on the filter it should get more liquid/drippy and quieter as the value gets higher.

I think getting some sound is already a proof that it works, but yeah, cranking up the resonance never hurts :wink:

it’s good enough for me if every aspect of the filter works as specified in the shruthi manual (or in the MBSid manual for that matter)

I recommend warmly to you. Although ebay china might be cheaper he only provides original old stock ones and offers great&fast e-mail service.

By the way, Olivier, he wanted me to say Hi to you! :slight_smile:

If you google vintage you won’t find anything useful, maybe try vintage

Yes, that’s the correct one.

yeah, meant that. thanks

yeah Senso is the most reliable source for everything i can imagine.
*cough, still not hooked up that old discontinued filter

Hey Rosch,
Did you ever get a chance to Check the chip to see if it’s authentic?

i just checked them. happy to say:
they work fine. they’re labeled 8740 versus the 8730 i got last year from ebay.
it would have been strange if hkutsource were some kind of utsource fake, they even use exactly the same writing and return envelopes and all. from what i’ve heard elsewhere (never been in that situation so far) they ( have a history of refunding in case there are fakes.
i’m glad the hong kong bureau carry working SSM2044 too (and btw the ebay source is cheaper than utsource website)

Thank you very much!