SSM2044: hpf doesn't do anything

So I’ve finished the SSM2044 filter and everything seems to be working, except the hpf setting. It doesn’t do anything.

CV1 and CV2 are connected. Filter type is set to SSM. CV Mode is set to 4cv in.

I also tried to modulate CV1 with offset, although I think this isn’t necessary anymore…

Still nothing. Any ideas?

Probe IC4.1. You should hear the oscillators signal low-pass filtered here when you sweep the HPF setting.

I get the low-pass filtered output on IC4 pin 7. On pin 1 there is no signal.

Check that IC5 pin 3 and 14 are at the same voltage.

Check all parts surrounding IC5 pin 2 and IC4 pin 2.

Whoops. After unscrewing the bottom plate I noticed I didn’t solder one side of the IC4 socket. Stupid me. Sorry for wasting your time…

Ah, you didn’t sacrifice to the Capacitor Fairy . . . .