SSM2044 good source

The 2164 I linked above works perfectly well.

£18.74 a piece. Seriously? Any reason why you don’t get them at smallbear / mammoth?

Just the time they took to arrive from the US, took a couple of weeks. I realise they’re pricey :slight_smile:

wow when i bought a bunch from Farnell back when they had them it was maybe 6-7€ / piece, and that was expensive compared to small bear

It is pretty impatient of me, but then I hate importing things from the US. My Meeblip took forever and I had to pay taxes, Royal Mail charges a ridiculous admin fee which is usually more than the tax.

Does anyone, US side have an ssm2044 they could sell?

@altitude, don’t remember whether you had one, but I have an ssm and didn’t even think about sourcing this one (duh…) but could be trade for the farnell order (anushri stuff)

i just received some from utsourceHK (ebay) but haven’t tested them yet. they were the cheapest at ebay, i hope they work.

Please let me know how they work for you. This one isn’t the top of the list as it will go with a sidekick, however sometime I’ll have to hunt one down.

@shimoda, my SSM Shruthi works fine with chip from utsource.

good to hear that utsource are sell good stuff.
has anybody had problems with orders from utsource with other ics?
they sell ad781 really cheap and i was wondering if they might be fakes. i have searched everywhere, they are by far the cheapest. (also other sellers on ebay have them cheap sometimes)
i need a few of those, but don`t want to pay the normal price, which is like 15€ a piece.

Got fake IR3109s from there, though I ultimately got a refund. who are located in Indonesia as far as i know, are a reputable seller and will exchange if there are fakes. i ordered couple of times with them. however the ebay seller i bought from is called utsourcehk and their SSM2044 were way below the regular utsource price. i have no idea if they in fact are utsource or someone how pretends to be.
gotta check them today, but i’ll have to find a stereo to hook the Shruthi on, mine’s dead.

thanks for your feedback.

there is something strange about the ebay name.
the one i found is called “hkutsource”

i guess it is all about ordering there and hope they are not fakes.

Just checked two 2044’s I’ve bought this summer, they slightly differs from one bought year ago (left), but works fine.

They were made for quite some time. The chips in old computers like the Commodore 64 used to vary too, but they were made all around the world at one stage.

@shrab, good to know. i have the exact same batch as the one you have on the right. Maybe one day I’ll actually build the filter board

loderbast, you’re right about the name. still haven’t tested them.

@6581punk, yep. Left fabricated july 1987, right april 1993.

@qp I have to build two as alternative to Seppomans SSM2044 VCF for MB SID. Сould not resist a five euro sellout =)

well, to repeat myself in my own thread, they work. i have the feeling in general that all SSM2044 are slightly different to each other but probably just a matter of tuning.
all shruthi modulation tests worked fine.
@schrab: five euro sell out? WHERE? i still need some for my seppo ssm’s too. this was just a stereo test purchase :slight_smile:

@rosch, they was at the shop. Looks like all sold.