SSM2044 filterboard availability


Any news on the availibility of the SSM2044 board?

regards, dnode

The PCB is tested (one of them got into the Neuropa build and I have 45 units of the board ready to be sold. Given the vintage status of the SSM2044 and the fact that the SSM2164 is not widely available, I’ll sell the board bundled with the 2 chips, and I’m waiting for a shipment of SSM2044s. The SSM2164s are already there.

This is great news, was about to source a 2044, this news saves me some money!
You understand, I definitely want one! Are you going to use a countdown counter again?

thanks, dnode

I’m thinking on putting it on sale at the same time as the new batch of kits, to avoid spamming everybody twice.

of course one day after I order my boards… GRR

please do spam us twice! i want it. don’t want to miss it…

sorry for my persistence, but is there news on this bundle?