SSM2044 Filter Shruthi Completed w/Questions

Hi All -

I completed my second full Shruthi with an SSM2044 filter board. I think it is working properly but I have a couple of questions that will help me sort out for sure.

1. Do the patches function a little differently in their default settings with the SSM2044 (yes I have the flt setting set to ssm in the system menu)? What I am finding is that the cutoff and/or resonance needs a little tweaking sometimes to get decent volume or to get the patch to sound like it does with the SMR-4.

2. I am polychaining an SMR-4 Shruthi and the SSM2044 and it takes some work to get them to sound similar. Mostly it’s trouble with volume. I have to tweak the cutoff/resonance on the SSM to get close to the volume of the SMR-4, but it is really never quite as loud. Some patches I can get to play pretty nicely together and it is a fantastic sound.

I’m just wondering if this is normal for two completely different filter boards, or does this problem sound like something is slightly off with the SSM2044 which has less volume and sounds funny with some default patches?

If you think there’s something off, can you suggest what to look for or test?



P.S. The SSM2044 Shruthi is running OS v0.94 and the SMR-4 is running OS v0.95. Think that’s an issue?

P.P.S. Polychaining seems to work a little better with the SSM set ast the master. I can’t figure out why… maybe it’s just comparing apples to oranges even though their both Shruthis, they’re pretty different sounding. ?

You can try adjusting the “range” / “lowww” trimmers so that the cutoff frequency matches, but that’ll be your best shot.

The point of having different filter boards is that they will sound different, and each one has its quirks and weaknesses. The SSM2044 is a “soft” filter and level gets weaker when resonance is increased. This is a well-known characteristic of this chip and of all the synths that used it.

The presets were all programmed on SMR4s.

OS version doesn’t matter here.

Thank you very much. That’s exactly the answer I was looking for!

This means that I assembled it correctly and that makes me happy!

I am able to polychain my Voyager with my Slim Phatty and it produces the same sort of thing except that they don’t share patches. You can get them close sometimes, but it’s not like having two identical synth voices in polyphony.

That said, I was getting some absolutely killer sounds out of the SMR-4 and the SSM2044 together. Really beautiful, useable sounds that were complex and full of subtle modulation. Seriously awesome sounds and these kits are great fun to put together. One of the best experiences I’ve had in a long long time.

Thank you!

P.S. My plan is to chain the CEM3379 together with these two. I can’t wait to hear what they all sound like together!

You can also get nice sounds by not polychaining the units ; setting the first one to MIDI output mode “full” so that it sends knob info. They will play at unison. Make them play the same patch (or a different one, or a subtle variation in terms of modulation, detune…) and pan them 50% L ; 50% R. Nice “ensemble” sound.