SSM2044 filter board BOM and Schematics

Hey everybody,

since it is not available on the homepage anymore, does anyone have the BOM (and perfectly also the schematics) of the SSM2044 filter board?
Thanks a lot in advance!



Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for!

The link is broken.
With the new SSI2144 maybe it’s a good idea to publish the schematics again ?

Note that the schematics is still available in the Github repository:


Thanks a lot Bjarne… :slight_smile: There is no pfd file. Did you know witch program ican use to open the sch and brd files ?

Try Eagle! :slight_smile:

On a related note, does anyone happen to have the instructions for the calibration procedure?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Got them :slight_smile: If anyone else is in need, drop me a pm and I can send the pdf…

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Hi Karg

it would be very kind if you could send me the .pdf how to calibrate the ssm2044 in my shruti.
Thank you.

Sorry, I’m not able to send personal message…
With kind regards.

Hi Greg,
I dropped you a PM with the file. Let me know if you got it…


could use that pdf, also could use ever getting sound out of my board :slight_smile: