ssm2044 board v0.1 vs v0.2

i’m about to start assembling my ssm2044 board and just realised that there is now a new revision v0.2 out. according to the revision history given on the filter board page, the only substantial change compared to v0.2 seems to be this:
“Increased VCA gain bias range.” no idea what that means.

my pcb is v0.1. is this “vca gain bias range” thing something i can/should also do on my board? how?

The resistor labelled 1M (near the “Gate” trimmer) has been replaced by a 330k resistor.

The “Gate” setting allows the VCA to be completely closed / silenced when the sustain is set to 0 (if incorrectly set it’ll faintly bleed). With a 330k resistor the ideal setting is easier to find as the effect of adjusting the trimmer is more noticeable.

oh alright, that should be easy enough to do. guess i’ll just go and get a 330k instead… :slight_smile:

also, i had no trouble widening the holes for the dc connector with my trusty “proxxon” dremel knockoff. the ones for the audio connectors were wide enough from the start.