ssm2044 board: some assembly notes (caps, sockets, calibration)

just finished my second shruthi, this one with an ssm2044 board. sounds great! i haven’t really played it much yet, but i have a suspicion i might like it even better than the cem board! building the board went really smooth, but while the memory is still fresh, here are some notes and suggestions which i thought some of you might find useful:

  • 6.8n capacitators:
    the ones i got from reichelt are narrower than the ones olivier used on his example picture. apparently they come in different spacings (is that what you call it?). on the pcb, holes for both variants are provided for c21, c22, and c36 - but not for c11. i didn’t have much trouble fitting the narrow cap into the holes for the wider version, just had to bend its leads. so it’s not a problem really. but maybe for the sake of consistency add a hole for the narrow verision for c11 in the next pcb revision?

  • 8-pin ic sockets:
    there are three 8-pin ics, so if you want to socket them, you’ll need three sockets, not just two as stated in the bom. olivier: perhapts update the bom?

  • vca gate calibration:
    it took me a while to figure out which way to turn the trimmer to get it into the starting position (audible signal despite vca eg sustain = 0). to save you guys some time: in order to get it there, you first turn the trimpot counterclocwise, then turn it clockwise until the signal stops. olivier: maybe add this info to the ssm board page?