SSM2044 board. Parts list question?

Hi Olivier,
i’d like to know if i can order parts for SSM2044 board now ? I know that you could have some modifications to do in the board but do you know now if part list will be unchanged ?

i’m leaning towards this board as well, just to be different :slight_smile:

I’ll receive and assemble this PCB some time this week. The worst case scenario is a PCB design problem, and some changes in resistor values. Get some extra 10k, 22k, 33k, 47k, 68k and 100k and you should be fine - I might change my mind about the respective gains of the mixer, VCF, VCA and output buffer sections. The resistors won’t be wasted, you’re going to need them for the other filter boards :slight_smile: (SSM2164 4-poles in preparation)

Another thing that could go horribly wrong is the silkscreen design which might be too high-res. Silkscreen update is free at PCBCart so this will be fixed in any case in the final run.

Great !
Thanks for your quick answer !
Cool !
Wait for package delivery for next wednesday :slight_smile:

“too hi-res”?

silkscreen looks good, you can even guess the २०४४


Board is good!

Fine. Count me in!

Fully tuned, working. Output gain is lower than on the other boards, but much higher than my SH-101 so I won’t fix

This is a posh board, so I’m going to replace all those lowly ST op-amps by Burr-Brown’s.


How great when everything comes together just right. Seems to happen a lot around here…:slight_smile:

Over here it happens all the time Adam…

Great news
Thanks Olivier, i have received package yesterday :slight_smile:
Now it’s time to build :-))

You haven’t seen the content of the box labelled “electromonstres” hidden behind my desk. Nor the tubes of eeproms, op-amps or potentiometers I got there from bad orders. The other boards are v0.5, so they were 4 generations of bad boards before.

This one is rather a first, and an exception, in that it worked perfectly straight from the first version, but as we say in french, “on ne fait pas d’omelette sans casser d’oeufs”

oh la la!

Let’s eat them eggs! :wink:

i think i’ve changed my mind again! :slight_smile: i might go with the CEM board now. I have both chips and i was going to use one for a diy synth eurorack module as a project for college. i’ve found a cool looking eurorack filter design for the 2044 so i might do that instead…

decisions, decisions.

Just a short info that might be usefill for everybody interested SSM2044 Filter:

There are 2 Versions of the SSM2164 out there, the SSM2164p and the SSM2164s. The SSM2164s is in the wrong package type (SOIC) which cant be directly mounted to the board. Get the SSM2164p that is in a DIP Package. There is also a Behringer Version the V2164, offered by small bear electronics.

Thanks to Olivier to help me with this one…

SSM 2164p seems to be available at digikey and farnell store ?
What’s the difference with V2164D ?

The references on the BOM point to the correct chip

V2164 is not the original part from SSM/AD, it is a clone by Behringer. It is supposed to be exactly similar.