SSM2044 board. Can 2K2 be used for R27(2K)?

I am starting assembly of a SSM2044 board and thought I had sourced all the parts. I was about to fire up my soldering iron, only to find out I don’t have a 1% 2K resistor for R27. I bought an E12 range assuming all resistors I needed would be in there. Unfortunately 2K is not part of the E12 range.

R27 is part of the R24/R27 voltage divider at the output of the CV op-amp IC6C so I hope substituting it with 2k2 will be okay. The CV would be a little too high but I am hoping this can be compensated with the CV gain and offset trimmers. I don’t want to have to place an order for just one resistor :wink:

So my question is: can I use 2k2 for R27?

Yes, you can do the substitution.

Thanks, I thought it might work :wink:

So, just finished assembly of the SSM board and quickly hooked it up to the control board of my SMR4 Shruthi. Without touching any of the trimmers it worked first time. Nice!

Tonight I’ll do a proper calibration and then I’ll start assembly of a new control board. Got myself a nice yellow OLED display for the SSM Shruthi-1 to make it look different from the SMR4 one. Very curious what that is gonna look like :slight_smile: