Squarp Pyramid, anybody using it here?


@t2k: Well, I’m 99% to get an Octatrack, and was about to buy one, but then then tax paying day came, plus I had to get a new car, so that’s on the waiting list again… :frowning:


Selling mine if anyone wants one:)


Hi, is anyone still using their Pyramid actively? How are the recent updates? Would be interested of getting one, but I’m a bit hesitant. Is the use easy enough for me? I’m really interested of random features and all midi effects. Is it easy to program complete songs with it? Would love to ditch my Live and Push completely.


What have you stopped on eventually after looking for a sequencer? I’m finding this thread very useful btw.


Well and then there is the Squarp Hermod to consider now too. It’s Eurorack which probably is a match for many Mutable Instrument Forum readers. More complete details are still to be announced. Whether it’s a regular Pyramid trimmed down to Eurorack, or with features beyond the CV interface and all is up in the air.

There’s some more info here:
Squarp Hermod_Synthtopia

This probably tops the Pyramid for me.


I didn’t take the time to fully read this post. Did someone mention the MIDIbox SEQ with analog option?



Sorry if this has been discussed already, but I got a digitakt recently. I found it’s a very capable midi sequencer (you can manage PCs and CCs easily).


Yaaay. The Digitakt is a really cool Sequencer. I played with it live last weekend and sequenced four voices of my modular with it. Super cool having drums and modularpattern in one device.


More info from Squarp on the Hermod:modular

Hermod Detail