Squarp Pyramid, anybody using it here?


Anyway… yes adding a launchpad mini is really an option. Though once you start to have 3 controllers attached to the computer, it makes you wonder why you didn’t get something a bit more all-in-one :slight_smile:
Well… a lot to think about now!


I have been looking for something all-in-one that would replace a computer for the past few years and my conclusion is simply that such a thing would 1. be different for pretty much every individual, 2. will always make more sense in most aspects as an actual computer, and 3. simply does not and will never exist because the economics just don’t make sense.

Your choice is between a computer-based setup that has the benefit that you can set it up exactly like you want with the downside of having to set it up exactly like you want, or a dedicated box that has the benefit of just working with the downside that that is how you’ll have to work with instead of against that way of working.


Yep… that pretty much sums it up.
I would add one little thing though: often it’s better to work with how the machine was conceived, than having all the freedom and getting lost in it. At least for me.
So far I must say, the RC-505 has been a great instrument to work with, with all it’s downsides and limitations. That’s one piece of kit I won’t get rid of so quickly (well, except if a better looper comes up that is). Oh and it just got a major firmware update apparently!
I’ll have to try with one of our pieces and see if I can come up with a usable configuration that uses Live for drums, basslines and mangling with longer samples…


Again, if it’s for drums & bass & one or two loops, the RYTM might be a good addition to your RC-505 and your modular for a live performance setup. As long as you feel you’re working with vs. against its limitations. :wink:


Push 2 looks pretty nice


Yeah, the Push looks nice… a bit big though :slight_smile:
Anyway… I just had another though, weird I didn’t think about it earlier: I could probably build myself a drum-sample-player with an Axoloti, what do you think about that? Did anybody try that? How’s the sound quality? I did find some recordings online and they sounded ok to me…


Akai MPX8 might be an option too if you just need a simple sample player. Seem to be around the same price as an Axoloti, although not nearly as cool.


I’ve heard only bad things about the MPX8, actually mostly really bad things.
The cool thing about the Axoloti is that it would offer maximum tweakability!


Axoloti yes good idea. Definately retract my previous comments in favour of that.

Apologies for disrail but how do you integrate your looper into your setup? I have an echoplex proplus that works beautifully alone - but doesn’t like connecting with other hardware. Having to fix it as a result. I’d really like a midi-synced looper that plays nice. What’s the Boss like?


The Boss is almost the perfect looper for me. Right now I have it synced to the Electribe (and to the LXR before that). MIDI sync has been very stable for me so far, I even have pieces where the tempo changes inside the song and the RC-505 doesn’t have many issues with it.
Basically the cool thing is that you get 5 totally independent tracks. Each track can be synced or free running and you can either set the length before recording or define by the rec button presses. You can start/stop and reverse each track independently as well.
You get 3 input and 3 output fx with a series of possible effects that you can use. Most of the effects sound like crap to me, but the beat repeater/beat scatter/vinyl flick can be use quite effectively to mess up a loop once you have recorded it, since these effects can be overdubbed to the track.
The only downsides for me are: some of the effects could sound better, there’s no loop decay/feedback setting and the overall feel of the unit is a bit cheap. It’s all plastic, though it’s proven to be quite sturdy so far. Also the unit is pretty big, I think it could have been a little bit more compact. But it’s all very minor things to me. In my live setup I have a small mixer where I connect most things I play live, these all run through the looper and then through the OTO Biscuit and some reverb (a Lexicon which is connected to the main mixer as a send FX).


In the same boat as rumpelfilter on this one…though I like the idea of a sequencer (on paper rm1x seems to fit the bill the best for my taste) just can’t get into all the complexity and haven’t found one that I can actually play yet (me a bass player used to improvising on the fly). The MFB tanzbär lite does well for my drums though…mutes are upfront and you can play in / record patterns with a pad controller. Use MIDI learn to set the MIDI notes as you like…easy to add / erase notes after you record them. Has a bug with sending some MIDI notes but hopefully that will be adressed soon.


axoloti looks awesome I was kicking myself I missed that


sort of like Max for Live but in a hardwareable form as far as I can see


@bendy_john, you can still get it. It’s for sale on the homepage: http://www.axoloti.com/product/axoloti-core/

An something really exciting is the Eurofying project that Paul is doing for it: http://community.axoloti.com/t/euxoloti-for-axoloti-eurorack-module/100


I’ve been beta-testing the Axoloti Euro module. It’s pretty cool!



The Axoloti core does go out of stock periodically, but I think they’re back in at the moment. Pick one up, bendy_john, you won’t regret it!



oh thanks toneburst & Jensu I will check the shop out


Even if right now the big battle for me is between Ableton Live and Octatrack… I think I’ll check out the Axoloti anyway soon.


Displacement is always the best coping strategy :wink:


All these smart controllers or programmable sequencers have a somehow a computer in them don’t they ? :wink: