Squarp Pyramid, anybody using it here?


@bendy_john: thanks a lot! BTW. that was the release concert for our vinyl album. Glad you liked it!


The OT is less direct and accessible IMHO, even if it’s just the lack of dedicated bank select buttons that you find on almost any other Elektron box.

The OT is great for when your live performance is based around loops, loop mangling, and live sampling.

The RYTM is great when you want a pattern-based hybrid analog/sample drum machine, you don’t use loops heavily, and you don’t need to sample directly into it. It has nice pads which allow you to play chromatically, and you can easily record or build patterns during your performance.

The RYTM also recently got an update that added trig conditions (probability, modulo, fill mode, etc.) which the OT lacks.

Another thing to consider is that the OT will not get Overbridge. It’s not available yet, but Overbridge should make sample and pattern management from your laptop really easy.


Yep, so far the rytm looks a lot more like what I need… since I don’t really like loops, except if they are looped live, and I have big doubts that the pickup machine on the OT could ever replace the RC-505 and its very direct and hands-on interface. Despite all its drawbacks, the RC-505 still does a very good job at doing what I need it to do. The only thing where the OT might be superior over the rytm is that it can also stream longer samples from the card, which would be handy to integrate field recording without having to “sacrifice” one of the 5 tracks on the RC-505.


I had a rytm for a while and it was pretty easy to glitch out with, only sold it for money reasons. With the different loop lengths, sample start/end points LFOable, distortion, p-locks and scenes it was quite easy to get ambience going just with on-board sounds. Though I ran out of voices a bit. But then I do tend to pile too many elements into my tracks :slight_smile:


from my point of view the real star feature of the OT as well as the sample warping which is awesome, was actually the really nice MIDI sequencer & arpeggiator that had me playing a Yamaha drum machine chromatically, doing chords on a Volca Keys and generally expanding the OT. To make things even better, running stuff back into the outputs on the OT you can then go on and use effects like delay on the input (that you sequenced by MIDI) which is cool - whereas with the Rytm I think you can only feed into the compressor but not the delay/reverb, plus can sequence CV/modular but not MIDI


Rytm sample memory is pretty poor. 128 samples and load via MIDI cable. But it does sound nice right out of the box


And with the Strom app, you can, it looks like, use the Rytm as a (simple, maybe crappy) live looper (sampler) aswell. Record into the ipad, chop and instantly upload to the Tyrm.


Sample management on the RYTM still sucks, but you can push them to the box using an USB cable pretty damn fast. The 128 limit is only on the number of samples you can load into the current project. You can keep a lot more of them on the box.

But yeah, it is not a sampler; it’s a drum machine with a pretty nice sample playback feature.


oh yeah it was via USB not MIDI my mistake sorry


btw. does the OT also have the new “trig conditions” in the sequencer, like the Rytm/A4/AK?


No, the OT doesn’t have those as I said above. It’s also unlikely to get them, I think. The Analog boxes share a lot of code and seem to be the main focus right now. The OT is a bit of a “previous generation” device.


By the way, did you see the upcoming new Pioneer sampler?


Oh I missed that bit then. It’s a pity, because that’s one of the features I’m most after… so let me see, as long as I stick to Elektron I can get an MD, which doesn’t let me have tracks with different lenghts, an OT which does but doesn’t let me have trig conditions, or an AR which does both these things, but won’t let me sequence external hardware. Hmm…

I did see the Pioneer sampler. Big light show! We’ll have to wait and see if it’s really worth the 1.6K which btw. is really a lot.


Pretty much, yeah. It really depends on what you want to do in your live performance, I guess.

If you want to sequence other gear over MIDI instead of just syncing up with it, then I would bring a laptop, hook a nice controller up to it, set it up so you can do your performance without looking at the display, and hide it away.

IMHO the Elektron boxes work best if you use them to sequence themselves. The MIDI sequencing stuff on the MD is limited, and toggling between internal and MIDI tracks on the OT is awkward, especially live.


you know… the fun thing is, I’m trying really hard to not go back to using a laptop live… but everything is actually pointing in that direction :slight_smile:
It would probably be the best solutions since a) I already have everything b) I already have been using it for years and I know it would work c) I don’t have much space to fit in an extra box anyway and d) I need the computer at home anyway, since I’m using to record and edit also.

Not seeing the computer screen during performance can work ok, but will force me to memorize a lot of stuff, and I’m really bad at it. The good thing about hardware is that I don’t have to do that. On the RC-505 for example I can see at a glance which track is running, which volume is up, which FX is engaged and so on. Everything has its place and is neatly labelled. It’s much easier to build up a structured workflow that way. Somebody has usually put quite a bit of thought into how things are organized, so that’s a lot less work for me :slight_smile:
Though I guess it all boils down to defining certain principles and then always working that way, so you always have the same things mapped to the same control.


I just stick a lot of labels (tape and pen) on my controllers. And put the computer under the table.


Hmm yeah… nobody has made a nice controller with OLEDs on all buttons and pots yet, or has somebody?
I already have a Faderfox UC4 (which is a really neat compact controller) and was thinking about adding a launchpad pro to it, in the even that I cannot find a hardware solution that will work in place of the laptop.


Might also be a matter of adding controllers until you have everything in front of you.

For example, at $99 a pop you can keep adding launchpad minis until all the patterns you need for your set fit nicely into them without having to move around at all.


Oh, and you could also consider addding an iPad Mini with one of the better controller apps in case you do need some visual feedback without having the laptop screen up.


Don’t get me started about iPads.