Squarp Pyramid, anybody using it here?


It also works well if you set one of the voices to a plain square/saw wave to double your synth parts.


@elthorno How does it work with notelenght? Is that then set by the envelope of the drum? I must admit that until now i have only used the LXR for drums and trigger sequencing for the modular.


@jensu- yes, note length is controlled by the drum envelope. According to the Sonic Potions forum- “global settings gate mode parameter ‘mod’ has to be set to on”. It’s not perfect but it does work- and if you’re using it with a sampler set to one-shots, say, it should be no problem.


There is one little drawback though, you have to split your patterns over various pattern sets, since 6 starts to be a bit limiting when you add basslines and such. Also, different pattern sets don’t share the same track settings, so changes made on one will have to be mirrored by hand on the other ones.


@rumpelfilter. Agreed- this is where I wish the LXR had more patterns, or a simpler way to load pattern sets. I’m still using the stock firmware though, and I think switching to Brendan Clarke’s might make it more interesting with the addition of looping and changing the pattern resolution.


yeah that’s right. Haven’t tried that one out either.


And here´s this new guy:

Well within Elektorn price range, but it is a live-focused, sampler sequencer from the oddest couple.


@varthdader And not one but TWO analog filters for €1600.


well it’s almost Tempest price range! :smiley: but yeah, the prelimiary specs sounds really great. Not sure if I like the big “pioneer DJ” logo on it though :slight_smile:


It’s gonna be cool so see what the sample mangling possibilities are.
Also this is kinda fun:


Whoa didn’t see the price for the EU, in the us its 1499 usd so 1300 euro in the US.


what’s about octatrack?
8 samples tracks who can be use for sample chain,direct sampling or also as fx/mixer
with a recall of all tweaked parameter in one button press (loving it)
and 8 others midi tracks to control ext. synth.and finally the ability to stock a lot of pattern.
i stick with it from one year and see nothing equivalent on the market…


@Jensu: the Pioneer one has the x0x sequencer, not sure about the akai

@rumplefilter: agree, the pioneer logo and the disco colors are a bit too much, albeit I understand the idea of appealing to the DJ audience.


@Varthdader Don’t think it’s a “rip-off” the pioneer was properly long in development when the mpc-touch came out. I can just imagine the Pioneer developers wathing the akai press release and thinking “crap” :stuck_out_tongue:


I do think that the same product being 300 euro more expensive in the EU is within “rip off limits”


@midirobot: yes I have considered the Octatrack. I’ve watched all the videos online, read the manual twice. Unfortunately I never found one to try. In the end I did skip on it, because it seemed like a very complex machine. There’s this thing with complex machines that do so many things… It felt a bit overwhelming.


if you have spare time i invit you to test it!
yes,it s a bit complicated and unintuitive at the beginning,but one time you understood all the key combo it comes easy.after one year of intensive use i cannot live without,and dont feel it complicated anymore but it’s my own opinion…
sampling options are great and flexible,with those different machine.as you was using lxr as sequencer,but feel it a bit limited with only 8 pattern per project.so i sold it and came to octatrack and never looked back.there is also some cons but the perfect thing do not exist.
if you have focused questions,i’d would be glad to answer;)


Hm. Still think you should try to find a way to experiment with a RYTM for a few weeks. Sounds like its sequencer would be a great fit for your intended usage.


yeah actually both the rytm and octatrack seem to work well for my way of doing things, but the OT is a bit deeper and hence seems to need more time to really get into it.


nice set rumpelfilter checked it to hear the drums and listened to most of it, really interesting music