Squarp Instruments announces Pyramid Sequencer

Damn this thing look cool, a bit pricey maybe ?

Gave it a quick look… and yes, this one looks mighty good! will have to dig into it.
Pricey? 700€ is not cheap, that’s sure, but then if it really delivers all it promises to, then it might as well be a justified price. I don’t think this is a big company, they won’t be manufacturing them in the same scale as Korg or Roland, so they need to ask a higher price.

I spent 500€ on the Oto Biscuit years ago (can’t remember how much it was exactly, but it was something around that),that’s a lot of money for a bitcrusher/filter unit, still, it’s one of the fx units that is always in all of my setups and it makes 50% of my sound, so I never regretted speding that money!

The Euclidian engine and MIDI effects look fun, and the interface looks rather appealing, but overall this appears to be very much an x0x-inspired step sequencer.

I’d love to see a manual, or an in-depth demo video.

Only a single CV and a single Gate output seems a bit limiting, both given the number of tracks and the other boxes announced or currently on the market.

Given the controls and the big display, it’s a bit disappointing that there’s no audio engine at all. Even a basic sampler would have made this a lot more interesting, and would have easily allowed them to charge an additional €400.


Looks super interesting. Many clever ideas.

2015 - Year of the sequencers.

Where do all these French manufacturers come from?


As a middle aged wierdo beardo, I giggled at the demo videos weirdo beardo man doing the MR DJ ACTION SHOT pose in the video. The hardware looks cool!

@fcd72 thanks!

The video is rather silly. Are we sure this isn’t Kickstarted?

It looks like a really nice device, but even after reading the manual, I feel this is more an evolution of the current pattern-based x0x-inspired step sequencer model rather than something refreshing and different.

@shiftr French labor law results in a lot of smart programmers with too much free time, I guess. :wink:

The video was indeed rather silly. The functionality seems full fledged and the device is obviously a well thought-out creation. From a manufacturing stand point the 700 euro is well worth the offer, but I’d be hard pressed to risk 700 euro on something that will be available in June! I’d say it’s too much of an early announcement.

yes def too much of an early announcement.

There are new videos :

Question: isn’t the guy on the original video the same guy who did the SonicLab review of the Volca Sample? I get confused by the long hair and the beard.

clickable links:

Its a different beardo than mr sonicstate beardo. There is a kind of manual going online

ParanormalPatroler, the furry guy in the SonicState vids is Gaz Williams. No relation to this Pyramid sequencer shenanigans :slight_smile:

I don’t know who Gaz Williams is but I liked his review very much so. He seems like a nice chap and that would explain the “shenanigans”, but since you guys say he’s not the same person … well too bad for Pyramid!