*SPOILER ALERT* Best box candy yet

Just got my Edges. The box candy (is it the right term?) is the best yet: (see attachment)

Looks a lot like a hanko.

Looks like you have the last one!

@V’cent Thanks for the hanko link! Very interesting!

@shiftr last stamp or module? It may be the last of the first revision. Anyway, I love it. My only complaint is its size. (I’m limited to a 120HP skiff)

Edges is going to be discontinued if I’m right… I remember that with the first rounds of MI modules Olivier used hand stamps to mark the boxes.

Semi-related fun fact regarding the 5v-free version of Edges (assuming that’s what you have there):

Each of the first three channel MOD inputs now act as the CV input for the PWM square waves…which means that each of the first 3 voices can be PWM’d individually instead of simultaneously via the 4th channel’s MOD input. This creates an incredible amount of lush movement, especially when using it for drone purposes.

I glazed over this function as I was still referring to the quick guide/manual posted on the website page for Edges; the quick guide that comes with the newer version outlines this “change”. An incredible design improvement, for sure.

Mine is the v0.1 PCB but I guess that the individual PWM feature is a software thing, right?

I’m not sure my avr-programmer is PDI-compatible so I won’t try to update it yet.

It’s a “hardware thing”, it seems.

Per my correspondence with Olivier in which he instantly cleared up my confusion:

“The PWM feature works differently in the newer version: you simply use
the MOD input of the channel you want to modulate - not channel’s 4
FREQ input. That’s because the +5V-free version uses an octal ADC and
can sense the voltage on each of the 8 CV inputs (FREQ and MOD
independently), while the older version used only a quad ADC and could
only sense the sum of the FREQ and MOD inputs (and so there was this
awkward thing repurposing channel 4).”

Uh. That’s too bad. I just pretend that I never heard about the second generation and just enjoy my original™.