Split the output of a Pot?

Hey, i wanted to know if its possible to split the output of a potentiometer in two or more ?
IE :
Out one Out two
10k pot —^----------------------^

Ideally they should see the exact same resistance, or a complete reversal ( so when one sees 10k the other sees 0k… I’m guessing a regular 3 pin pot does this already, but i need the outputs to be isolated from each other)

So if i turn the 10k pot to 6.5k both outputs show 6.5k etc etc … Is this possible without crazily expensive stuff?

if i have understood you right you need a dual gang pot.

dual gang pot ? sounds somewhat freaky :confused:
EDIT Google has all the answers, and yes sir, a dual gang pot is exactly what i need :smiley:
Thanks & Merry Christmas :smiley:

yup dual gang is what you need. They’re also sometimes called ‘stereo’ pots, since they’re most commonly used as volume or attenuation controls on stereo signal sources (left and right can both be controlled by the same pot without combining them). It’s the same concept as a dipole switch, just another row of solder lugs controlled by the same device.