Special thanks from TubeOhm to the MI forum

Hi, i like this nice forum here very much.
So i offer you all ( for a short time) my new Synth Phasewave Mono 4free. Monophon version, full working. Win only , no MAC - but maybe next.
Ok, i know , for the hardcore Hardware freaks is software a absolute nogo,

But maybe here are also some other guys working with a PC and not only with hardware.
Direct dl link here.
Infos : no installer, extract simply the complete file into a folder and start the exe for the standalone version. Set ASIO and MIDI settings>> should works.
Win 7/64 and Cubase 64 needs the J-Bridge. You can copy the complete files direct into your VST folder.
If you copy only the DLL, you must start your DAW one time as an ADMINISTRATOR, right mouse click, EXEC as an ADMIN.
This because of the WIN 7/8 reglementation.
Hope you have fun with it. Let me know.

Short video here:




That’s most kind Andre (bows deeply)



that’s really cool from you! I don’t use windows anymore, but thanks for it anyway!

This is very kind of you André! I use both Mac and Windows PCs so this has to be tested :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks Andre! I’ve actually been waiting for this one.

i don’t use vsts, but i appreciate the gesture - so, thanks andré!

Thanks so much! I still use a PC for now :wink:

Ain’t nothing wrong with a little plugin action/ITB work every now and then. Variation is the spice of life.

thanks. very nice move :slight_smile:

Cool. Thank you. I will download this tonight.

I don’t feel like I’ve done anything to help you to deserve this, but I’ll DL it anyway.
If I didn’t, I feel like I would be lying about my name.
Thanks for the share. I’ll see if I can make some crazy patches with it! :slight_smile:

playing with it now…it sounds amazing!

@tubeohm… And you have done so much already by making the 2 ladder PCB’s!

Sounds great!

Andre, this thing is awesome! I’m not much of a VST fan, but this has some fantastic sounds. Thanks for this. It will most certainly be used!

@Tubeohm Very generous of you! Thanks a lot!

Thanks a bunch!!

many thanks, man!
it was the first time i ever tried a software synth, and first surprise was that i actually got it working on first try!
huh what? works great with Dan’s Klee2 !

Hi , i am also surprised while building it. Special the stereo option is the burner.This makes the sound warm.


Thanks André !
I will try it soon…