Spare Rogan Knobs for Ambika?

Anyone got a spare set of those lovely Rogan knobs I could buy or trade? I’d need 8x with white pointers, and one all-black one without a pointer, for the encoder.


You can buy them directly from rogan. Downside: fucking expensive, round shaft with set screw & only comes in grey.


Other than that youll have to have them made. It only becomes cost effective around 2500 pieces.

FYI, I’m down for doing s bulk order. I’d like 500 so we just need 1500 more :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting back to me, qp. I seem to remember there was a group-buy for them a while ago. I thought maybe someone might have over-ordered, and had some left.


also check with the guy of grayscale, he’is ordering some and they will be available via his website, i asked him to do a group buy, i did like a lot too, maybe, we can do something big ! Check on muff.

Drop me an eMail, old man……

You can get Make Noise Rogan knobs at Schneiders, or directly from them. Rumor has it that the Harvestman might be able to provide their orange knobs too.

@Jojjelito Ah, I didn’t see those at Schneiders. They’re the ones without a skirt, though. I prefer the skirted ones, I think.


I figured they’re good for restyling God’s mistakes such as odd panels, occasional odd Davis 1900 clone knobs (I like them with odd colors, go figure), or those ultra-fugly abortions you’ll find on Buchla 200 gear/replicas. Those are also Rogan, with visual styling cues from late 50’s - early 60’s. Some even like those, sheesh! Anyways, highly subjective :wink:

FYI, the make noise knobs are for the small black knurled shafts although they do fit pretty snug on d shaft.

Grayscale is running a bulk on these at muffs. They look nice but having built a half dozen XT kits, I am not fond of them. When I have to go to extraordinary measures (industrial temporary lubricant) to get them on in a sane manner is usually the time I look for another knob. Putting that much force downwards on a plastic pot cant be good (God forbid you need to get them off later)

That’s why Olivier said he will use them only with metal shaft pots in the future…