Spare Ambika mechanical parts?

Hola mi gente.

I have almost everything I need to start constructing my Ambika.
All I have left to buy are the mechanical assembly components.
I’ve looked online and have only been able to find stores selling these parts in bulk.
Since I only need a handful to complete this project, it would be a waste to buy a whole bunch of nuts and screws I’ll never use.

Does anyone out there have any extra parts they’d be willing to sell?


P.s. I live in the US, btw.

Have you looked on ebay? I find there’s smaller business sellers on there who will sell a smaller quantity of these parts.

Hmmmm…I didn’t think to try Ebay. I was hoping to buy all the parts from one source (shipping costs), but I’ll check it out.

Hey qmulus, you can find some of the parts at Mouser and pretty much all of them at Digikey. Digikey definitely has the worst prices, so if you can find somewhere local to you that sells them or on ebay with cheap/free shipping that may be preferable.