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Well, now you know.
No more excuses.

and anyway:

:slight_smile: like the trailer.

are there hardware video fx, like bent mixer and stuff, in there or was it done 100% with a computer?

The weird digital stuff is made with the so called datamosh technique. It’s actually become quite popular now, but I wanted to try it out for once.
What you do is compress the footage in some format that does organize the frames into i-frames (that contain the actual image) and p and b frames that contain only the parts of the image that changes and vector informations about which pixel goes where from the i-frame (ok it’s more complex than that, but it’s the basic idea). Then you just edit the footage removing the i-frames, so the player gets confused and starts to map one picture over the other. In some cases I was able to totally glitch out the video and get random squares, depending on the compression algorithm you get different results.
it’s quite fun!
The rest is a stock video with static noise from an old analogue tv, and some tv-like filters applied in the editing software.

interesting. it looked like it was done by the keying feature of some bent hardware to me.

i think i will try that datamosh thing. found a tutorial here

yeah actually if I ever find one of those old video mixers I’d really like to bend it and see what I can do with it! We used to have one at the cinema academy, it was already doing lots of weird stuff even without bending it! :slight_smile:

cool, reminds me of some old atari teenage riot videos

whatever this is, it’s coming on monday the 30th of April. The day the Cern officially announced the www would be free for anyone to use.

…I want your soul…


i digged some more into the whole datamoshing thing and i came up with this video for one of my tracks

first datamosh then send through bent video devices was the way i went for it.
i really like that combination.

i was already playing around with software and bending/hardware video stuff, but without you rumpelfilter i would not have found out about datamoshing.

Loderblast, can you tell about PC datamoshing? I tried to use virtualdub/XVID but with no result. There’s no keyframe options like at Mac video tutorial. Which format/software you’re using to recompress video with no keyframes?

i used virtualdub with ffdshow codes. then exported as xvid (or maybe h264 - not sure) using ffdshow.

there is indeed no possibility for setting the maximum keyframes. (only minimum which dosn`t help a lot)

then i removed all the keyframes i didn`t want in avidemux by hand (i know it sucks…)
with the videos for the above examples there were not that many keyframes though. (maybe 1 every 3 seconds, which at 30fps was totally fine for that kind of application)
the source files were ripped of youtube as mpeg i guess - but with other videos i tryed there were a lot of keyframes.

i guess it depends on the codec and also on the nature of the video content, woh many there are. you have to try different codecs.

removing a lot of keyframes is not only a pain in the ass, but also screws up the video sometimes.

i read some stuff about this and searched for a better solution, but no sucess so far, setting a maximum keyframe amount.

Thanks! Quite tricky way. Should try to install ffdshow i’m not using it for some years due to an old AfterEffects compatibility bug. Maybe it fixed now.

you are welcome. if you figure something out, let me know.

in the future i will try to make notes about which codecs/formats/settings i use, to make get an idea which combination works best.

maybe also, this could help, but i have not tryed it:

loderblast: glad I started something here! :slight_smile: and great video! The datamosh thing looks a lot better when passed through some hardware…

schrab: I did use just virtualdub and avidemux, as loderblast said, the trick is to remove all the keyframes in the xvid.
check out this video tutorial:
the guy is a pain to listen to, but he explains the thing quite well

I haven’t tried that aviglich thing either… must do that soon


rumpelfilter, i did it Thanks a lot for link.
All i missed is 'force keyframe interval" in VDub (messing with XVID quantisation instead) and AVIdemux “go one frame forward before mark OUT” (in over editing software in+out always selects current frame)
And no ffdshow - just x64 XVID codec.

i am so stupid : i didn`t realize, i-frame and keyframe are the same thing…

there is not only the “force keyframe every…” input box, but also an min and max “i-frame-intervall” slider in the ffdshow config.
so it turns out, it is possible with ffdshow also to set maximum keyframe number. the slider only goes to 500, but this still helps.

this will save me lots of time in avidemux.

i don`t have the x64 XVID codec, but your post made me look into this again - so thanks schrab :slight_smile:

the "force keyframe interval” you are talking about is in the config of the x64 XVID, right? so i can`t see it unless i have that codec.

no, it’s in VDubs video compression dialog

And i’m setting all quantizers to 1 for best quality.

I’m became one step closer to visualising psychedelic OEV. Need to get rid of those big square blocks, which are very unnatural.

ok. but i understand this “force keyframes every…” as a minimum value and that there can be more keyframes, if the codec decides so.
this would make sense, i guess - because normaly you want good quality and therefore a lot of keyframes.

are you sure, it is an absolute value?

otherwise i will test this again. (but i thought i did and it produced more keyframes than that value)