Spacers, Nuts, Washers

Can anyone tell me what size the PCB-mounting hardware should be? I have lengths, from the Digital Board construction documentation, but no thread widths.



M3 ; 20mm for spacers ; 15mm and 6mm for the screws

Thanks guys!


That’s annoying- my usual place to get mounting hardware in reasonable quantities ( Toby Electronics ) only has 12mm M3 screws in countersunk. Do you think I could get away with 10mm pan-head ones if I moved the nut above the filter board to be above the spacer, rather than below it? I’d probably need a longer screw at the top then…


Yo a|x,

i always use 12x3 screws, if you may try, these are the ones provided with the enclosures…

Obviously Oliviers are longer than mine (sorry, but couldn’t resist…)

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