SPACE - My first creation! Heavily featuring Plaits and Rings

Hi everyone!

I’ve been dipping my toes in modular waters for six months now, basically just foolin’ around and getting a feel for the wiggle.
It all started with Clouds on 17 February. I have since sold Clouds and am waiting for its next iteration.

Anyway, just a couple of days ago I finished my first complete creation, as opposed to the little experiments I did until now.

May I present to you:

SPACE - A Modular Journey

(Feedback is very welcome.)

Let me know if you’re interested in patch notes.


Hi, As you have both Rings and Plaits would you recommend me adding Plaits to my Rings in my small rack. Any advice as to how to the patch the two together would be great, Thanks.

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Plaits is a great module, and would definitely compliment Rings nicely.

Yes, I definitely recommend Plaits as a companion to Rings. I usually don’t patch them together as I rarely run audio through Rings.
As to how to use them within one patch, well… there are so many options.
You could start out with sending the same pitch (and gate) signal to both and see how that sounds. Try different modes on Rings and Plaits and see which complement each other nicely.
Enjoy the process!

Thanks! Have ordered Plaits!

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Great! It‘s one of those modules where you cannot go wrong.

Quite a first creation! I was quite surprised by it, very cinematic! I don’t know if it’s me, but I do hear some Sakamoto in here.

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Thank you!
My musical journey as a kid started with noticing the music in movies. I‘ve always loved soundtracks and been fascinated by how they influence the mood of a story.
I guess something stuck.

Oh, and I‘ll have to check out Sakamoto!

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