Space Invaders

This is what a combination of being bored waiting for parts and having a combination of space invaders erasers, resistors and LEDs results in:

The “purple” UV LEDs made the camera go a bit nuts but they look okay to the average pair of eyeballs.

Aww, cute!

Nice setup!

Cool friends ^^ looks like i know this polivoks !

So cool!

haha, awesome! Now, to get them to pulse to an LFO.

Thanks everyone, and great idea qp! Maybe I can get them to pulse to some music. Lamouette, you recognized your old buddy, who has found a home in my stack.

@piscione if you wire the LEDs to one of the CV pins on the shruthi, you should be then able to mess around with the routing to get them to pulse to the LFO, a la fcd72 style.

Maybe I’ll put an output port for a CV on the ladder XT I’m building. This may get a bit bigger than I had first imagined.