sp3t submini switch

Does anybody know a source for a submini SP3T toggle switch with threaded bushings to do filter modes mod on the SMR4mkII board?

Or a mini rotary switch wich fits through the hex holes…

what about this ?
6mm, fits fine!

Hi, i used a standard on-off-on (official naming is SPCO)…the one shown is on-on-on and cannot be used. And more than 2 poles are not really necessary. The dimension of the show switch should be ok, but if it comes in tight, you better use a file, as plexi tends to break easily under tension.

sorry, this one!
anyway, look at ebay for switches with thread diameter <=6mm

That one looks much better, similar to the one i used recently…

Thanks guys
I also found some switches at farnell i think match my criteria. Only in double variation but i make some nice lightshow from the extra contacts.