Soviet shruthi

Hi everyone,
I would like to assemble a soviet versione of the Shruthi, i.e. red case and Polivoks filterboad. The fact is that I’m having difficulties finding the materials, especially a red screen. Has anyone got a website to suggest me where to buy these materials or any advice to give? I live in Italy, so it would be helpful finding a website wich could be able to ship here at a low shipping price.

Thanks in advice

Here are some displays.
You can find Black on red and red on black displays there.

If you want to go real Soviet, then you can find some substitution parts here

Ummmmm, the link about shipment prices seems to be dead. Do you have any info?

Just checked, to Spain: Registered Air Mail 10-30 working days US$6.24 / EMS/DHL/TNT/UPS 2-6 working days US$27.46

Used EastRising for my Ambika, didn’t think about this for a Shruthi, did they work well?

Not the best, but the price is right.

I will stay with Mouser Newhaven

@adedication Check this thread for more info on Mouser parts for Polivoks and many other projects

that thread could be my salvation, but some products are no longer available (even though I think I could be able to find them somewhere else). Soooooo, if I order the material on the first two link of the thread I will have everything I need, right?