Sourcing probs

ther is no mopre ocrocoupler and jumper at digikey
are these one at mouser good???
for the octo:

the jumper:

Both looks good.

so i finally go to farnell in fact( for the knobs)…
shit i have order from digikey and forgot the 8 transistor for the smr… and farnell as to stock them for 18 euros… price of the delivery by digikey…think i have lost 18 e…maybe can i search them on ebay?

by the way it’s not the jumper which is out of stock, but the 3 pin head for 2/4 pole selection is it on farnell??? i am searching atm but don’t found it on farnell…

i don’t have ordered lcds too… i am searching blue like the last kit and red as the first kits… are them on farnell… was primarly thinking off buy them at ebay…
thanks for your help, this is certainly the only first and last time i source something myself, it’s pain in the ass, and seem too that i will loose money vs kits…

by the way if some french needs some farnell components…i will put the order today

  • These are the most common NPN/PNP transistors and can be found in common electronics store
  • For the pin header you can get a larger size one and split it
  • Farnell’s choice of LCDs is crap, it’ll be cheaper to get the part on ebay, even with shipping

for the transistor i am thinking grab:

and that

Looks good!

and finally change my mind as curavon was cited on the forum for the ssm 2044
i will buy from him
the ssm

for the lcd i have found that: what do you think off???

fact it come from pologne is a prob at your mind???

I’ve bought some from there too.

ok thanks

ouch…in fine, for pcb plus all i need for 2 digi, smr and ssm, it cost me in all 310 euros must say that i don’t have internet at the moment and have to order all in one time from a mcdo connection, so not really the time to search for better price… what do you think of this bill??? i was thinking to save buck on sourcing but in fact it’s the inverse… fall in love with the shruthi, but know i would can records some shruthi chords. ( and i don’t have the case…)…

Hello at all… I am finishing the assembly… And i need some parts’
_3x33K Resistor(digikey forgot them)
_4x470 resistor (i forgot to order them)
_2x8 pin female connector with long pin(those digikex provide me have very shorts leg and don’t allow the board stacking trick…)

By the way the midi connector from digikey are way more crappy and shitty than those which come with the kits…

If someone could help me, i have left blu on black lcd, four 10k pot for the in and out…i m french… It really bummed me to make an order just for that…

By the digikey is the more expensive supplier?

the resistors are no problem, i also have some long female connectors but no idea if they’re long enough
also got some midi sockets but i’m afraid they’re not better, rather worse.
wanna try?

Not the midi socket as my are already soldered but resîstors and connector yes. You wanna the screen? (not in my hand now but on the way… What dô you think of the total cost i paid?


My female connector have 3 or 4 mm pin i think 6 or 7mm will be good