Sourcing parts, i can only get from the USA

Hi can anyone help, i’m sourcing bits for my Anushri, i’ve got everything except 18pf (Farnell 1694209) x 2, 100pf (Farnell 1694179) x 1 and 560pf (Farnell 1694150) x 5, I seem to only be able to get these from Newark (Farnell USA), I just wondered does anyone have any alternatives that i can get or any spares that I could buy off them, thanks in advance, Chris

Have you tried searching on Farnell? They have more expensive caps from other brands for these values.

Hi welcome to the MI forum,
you can indeed find those on farnell if you search for them.

18pf here

But i don’t know if you are sourcing the complete anushri parts from farnell because most of the times it is a lot cheaper to source your parts at mouser when you reach the €65,- for free shipping.

thanks for the welcome :slight_smile: I have got most things from mouser/farnell, but these are the only bits i couldnt get, ill try looking at the more expensive, i didnt want to pay the £15 extra and also wanted to try and get the bits before Tuesday, then i can build it over xmas

ok, if you have difficulty finding the other parts give a shout.

thanks :slight_smile:

apart from the 18pf bitsbox got what you want (i assume you live in the uk?!)

excellent, thanks very much, yeah i do

Thanks everyone, everything is now on order, i cant wait to get started…just waiting on the pcbs turning up, thanks again

much success!

yep ive got everything and managed to build it in 5 hours, listened through headphones and its great, now have to work out how to midi it up with a Oxygen 8 keyboard and ableton, tried for an hour with no success, but need to read up on things i think :slight_smile: