Sourcing parts: farnell won't sell to end users (in germany)

still in the process of sourcing the parts for my shruthi, thought i might share this with you:

i placed my order for a couple of parts with farnell on friday (everything i couldn’t get from reichelt), and only today they told me that they don’t sell stuff to end users at all, at least not here in germany - only to businesses or students. i’m neither, so they told me to get my farnell parts from a reseller instead. strange. here is the address of their german reseller, maybe it helps save some of you a detour:

makes things a bit more expensive, and slower too.

very weird. i order from all the time with no issues. any idea how much a full BOM for the shuthi costs?

just tell them you’re a student :slight_smile:

they want proof.

they asked my for my business tax id number or a copy of my student id.

wow. that is odd. Have you looked at

yes, i’m getting most of my parts from reichelt. they are usually cheaper than farnell, and as it turns out, ordering from them is also much less complicated - at least for german residents without a student id. :slight_smile:

but the farnell thing is no big deal really, as long as that reseller thing works out ok (i placed my order with them yesterday and haven’t heard from them since). i just thought i’d post my experience to warn other german non-students so they can go straight to that hbe shop. i’ll keep you posted about what progress i’m making with them…