Sourcing for the first time (Ambika), need Your guidance

Hi, after successful building of two Shruthis (full kits), it’s time for Ambika.

Thing is, I want to build cosmetically modded version of Ambika, let’s call it Polar version. Only two things it will differ from the regular version, and they are:
LEDs - white/blue instead of yellow/green
Main screen - white on blue/ white on black/ blue on black OLED (if possible) or LCD.
I think it will look gorgeous with Adrian case (which I ordered today!)

I visited Mouser, because it will ship to my country (I’m in between Asia and Europe), but found nothing which looks like I wanted, so I’m here for Your help.

Are these parts unobtanium or I can’t google properly?
If somehow I get what I want will I have to change something on motherboard? I mean caps, resistors etc. I love the looks of OLED displays but don’t know if it’s possible to use them on Ambika. Sorry, by any means I’m not an electrical engineer.

Any help will be much appreciated.


For LED’s with metal case I suggest to use resistors with higher value. Light pipes are emitting light pretty well and if the neighbor LED shines bright, it can be seen trough pipe nearby.

LCD you can order chap from Buy-Display

Have you seen some 40x2 OLED display’s somewhere? The display should be hd44780 compatible. I have seen them only in Raystar and only with yellow characters.

> LEDs – white/blue instead of yellow/green

You can try putting a white one and a blue one in parallel (and with reverse polarity). The only thing is that since the same current limiting resistor is used for both, they must have approximately the same luminosity, which might be hard to find.

Guys, thank You both for great suggestions, I’ll definitely try 'em out!