Sourcing case parts yourself?

So, Anushri and Shuthri XT are getting pulled out from the market and I’d like to build these bleepblop-producing machines somewhere in the more near or distant future, but I am not sure how and where can I source case parts from. So far I’ve learned that the .eps files in the github repositories probably contain all the info I need for case builds and that laser cutting services like Ponoko can probably help me through these files? In the case of Ponoko though apparently I need to be able to modify these files before sending them in. I can open the .eps files in Inkscape, but I’m having trouble modifying them.

If anyone is willing to help this n00b-p00p out, I’d appreciate it alot. I probably don’t intend on ordering anything for sometime yet, but I like to plan way ahead and I’m more than curious to learn how this all works. I don’t have access to any Adobe products.

As far as the Shruthi XT goes, do you really need all those knobs? You can fit three regular Shruthis side-by-side in the space one XT takes up. It is also pretty easy to edit all of the knobby parameters on the Shruthi XT with just the regular Shruthi interface. An XT really just increases the cost and time of a Shruthi build. I suppose that would just be my opinion though. :slight_smile:

A regular Shruthi with the SMR4MKII filter will still be available in the future.

After alot of trial and error I finally managed to produce a .eps file from the original templates which Ponoko accepts into its system. While struggling with this phase I managed to crawl out of the n00b-stage and learn a thing or two about vector and design programs.

So now I have new questions about this topic, if people are willing the share opinions. Let’s talk about materials. I’m guessing acrylic cases are the most obvious choice. Any opinions about wood or other a bit more exotic materials?

Also, I’d like to know if anyone has experience about laser cutting services other than Ponoko? The only other I managed to find is Seeed Studio with whom I’ve had good experience with PCBs.

And audiohoarder: this is not about obtaining the ergonomic synth. It’s about the voyage on obtaining something which isn’t that easily accessible anymore (and of course more knobs is better).

Hello pokeyasd,

I have been wrestling with the anushri.eps files to make them compatible but for RazorLab (which is the UK arm of Ponoko), any chance you could give me a few pointers? Currently I am using Inkscape and for Razorlab I need to make the cutting lines Blue (red currently) and the engraving lines Red (black currently). I have managed to make the Red sort of blue like by changing hues but the black lines resolutely refuse to change colour. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Hello alienr,

I managed to gain access into a much older version of Illustrator which made things a whole lot easier. I didn’t get very far with Inkscape so I’m afraid I can’t help with that. I can attach though the .eps file which Ponoko accepted into its system. Most likely it’ll work with RazorLab also.

Pokeyasd! You are a star. : ) That file works well with RazorLab. I am now using your modified template to work out what I need to alter in my template to get it to work. Still struggling but learning ;-). Your file has and will help a lot. Thank you.

Kindest regards,


Glad to hear this thread is useful to someone. Are you planning on ordering anytime soon? I’d like to see pictures of the outcome, since I’ve never used any of these laser cutting services. I might also have to consider using RazorLab instead of Ponoko, since I’m also from Europe. Bummer they don’t have the material options I’m mostly interested of!

I’ve worked out what adjustments I needed to make to my template to get it accepted by RazorLab. Many thanks again pokeyasd.

I’m debating whether to order now before I’ve assembled my Anushri but as it would be my first project I’m doing some small practice ones first. Or waiting to see whether I crispy the pcb and cry myself to sleep and save the money not ordering the case. :wink: Regardless I would expect to order in the next week providing work doesn’t go ballistic. :slight_smile:

On your other point about material options at RazorLab they are open to suggestions, you should email them and discuss.



As promised… here is a shot with my finished Anushri using the case panels I ordered from RazorLab. The cutting is very good and precise. All in all very pleased. A couple of minor issues… In my adjustments to the case design I ordered engraving when it should have been a fill of some sort. This affected ‘Oscillator wave’ shapes for instance. Second more complex graphics I used seemed to be affected my a minor banding effect. Not major but something to bear in mind. However I’m really pleased with the case and will definitely use them again when the chance presents itself.



Looking lovely! Thanks for the picture. Now I just have to wait for the Anushri board group buy to happen, I could start planning on buying the rest of the parts.