Sourcing capacitors from eBay

Can anyone share experiences with sourcing parts from Ebay? In my specific case I’d like to source parts for Ambika’s SMR4 voice card and Mouser is out of stock with this capacitor and lead time is 12 weeks. I thought about sourcing a similiar item from eBay and I’d like to hear opinions before jumping the gun. Although I know buying in bulk is hundredfold cheaper than buying singles, I’m still a bit suspicious about the cheapness going here…

You can just order one of these alternative capacitors available at mouser.
I have no experiance with cheap eBay parts, but do you need really 50 pcs.? And do you want to wait several weeks for them to arrive?

Might as well have some spares…!

One reason for me, why I like DIY, is that I can chose better components for not much more money. For example: chosing a capacitor with 3000h instead of 1000h lifespan at 105C instead of 85C and so on, for just a few cents more.
But that is only me and I bet the capacitors from eBay will do all the same.

I’ve got various bits from ebay in the past. Spacing is the biggest issue, sometimes you have no idea how big they will be.

I’m building a Shruthi with the LP2 delay. I figured I’d ask this capacitor question on this thread. I got monolithic ceramic capacitors from Tayda since I had cart of other stuff for another project. These capacitors from Tayda are short and wide with a triangle shape top. Are these ok to use with the Shruthi LP Delay? I did use the mouser ones on the control board, thats how I know they are different.

I don’t think ceramic capacitors are a good substitute here

So what you’re saying is that I should stick to the capacitors that are in the BOM. Thanks for your input.

Yes, as far as I know non ceramic capacitors (e.g. film and electrolytic capacitors) are selected for a reason and may affect the sound if in the audio path (e.g. filter).

Disclaimer: I’m only a software engineer by training :slight_smile:


As I was looking on Mouser for the capacitors from the BOM, I read the description which is “Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC”. I did some research and found monolithic capacitors are another name for multilayer ceramic capacitors. So I think these Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor from Tayda are basically the same except for the size.

Ok, that’s confusing. The original thread was about electrolytic capacitors and since you didn’t specify which capacitors in the BOM you were talking about I assumed you were asking about replacing non ceramic capacitors with ceramic ones.