Sounds problems on shruti 4 pôles mission

Hello, I’m new I practice synth DIY FROM A 5 months and my son Given friend shruti 4 pole assignment BUT is not him (or me Elsewhere my great regret TO BUILD. It works super set equal Quebec When I Stop The Note That Remains Blocked Let it alone e MIDI. I just looked and I found nothing if anyone could help me that would be great) I thought is available to June Error building?

I Thanked advance all those who would help me in measurement.


BTW, Welcome to the ShruthiVersum™

@analogtherapy The one and only language rule of this forum is: English only

sorry I did not know I will then use a translator

while I’m there I want to know if it is normal that there is not the LEDs for wolf eyes on my 4pm?

crank up ze rezonace…

There are no LEDs or they don’t light up? The person who builds the 4PM has many choices for the LEDs: he can put no LEDs at all, he can put them in the Wolf Eyes, he can put them inside the case…

The wolf eyes only light under certain conditions

there are no LEDs for the eyes of a wolf. I preferred the frabiquer but I will not complain it is me! but hey I already get the XT has already disappointed it will take good care!

are times when I stopped cutting the sound and everything is fine, but sometimes there is nothing to do the last note remains blocked and I was forced to go into the system and switch the function cv4 function program and it stops, or disconnect the alimentation.

fcd72 crank up ze rezonace …

what do you mean?

I hallucinating person knows where can come this problem? too bad I’ll fend me and look elsewhere, thank you anyway.